Electrohome EAKAR 300 Review & Rating


The Electrohome EAKAR 300 has many pros. It is an inexpensive system for the amount of benefits that it will provide. The machine is built to allow you to play medium from a multitude of souces including CD/CD+G/MP3. It has an auto voice control coach to help you if you forget the words to a song. It has a superior sound quality for the amount of money you pay for the system. The speakers are built right into the unit.


Some of the downsides to the Electrohome EAKAR 300 are that it only includes one microphone. This is not a full disadvantage though because the machine is equipped to handle two microphones; you will just need to purchase a second. There is no recording or playback feature on this machine. The value is a little bit low on the speakers for some people. When hooking to your television, it is a composite wired machine, not HDMI. You will need an adapter for some televisions as HDMI is the norm in this day and age. So this is a bit outdated.

The Electrohome EAKAR 300 Karaoke Machine Review

The Electrohome EAKAR 300 home system karaoke machine is a lightweight home machine that is versatile in the types of medium that you can use to play on it. You can hook up an MP3 machine, a notebook, a laptop, or even a cell phone and stream karaoke from these external sources through the machine, onto your full-sized screen television. What a great way to be able to find songs that you want to try! It doesn’t end there. It will also play hard copies of music including CDs and CD+G karaoke discs. This player comes with a CD+G disc to start your collection.

If you are unsure of words to a song, never fear! The auto voice control feature will pick up where you cannot sing by having an automatic voice sing the words when you stop. This is a great feature to help you learn how a song should sound, if you are practice for a future performance. It is also helpful if you are having a get-together with friends. It will save you from embarrassment should you lose your line or not be sure how a song is supposed to sound.

The machine is easy to set up. You just plug it into your home television or computer monitor and you can start enjoying karaoke right away. The design of the machine itself is a sleek, black, round model. It is compact in size, allowing it to be moved from room to room, when desired. It does not take up a lot of room in your house hold. You can easily store it in a cabinet or entertainment center, and bring it out to hook up at a moment’s notice. It has inputs for two microphones. You can use the provided microphone at first, then expand your collection when you want to start trying duets. Any type microphone will work with the machine.

If you want to have a better sound to your performance, the Electrohome EAKAR 300 karaoke machine has controls that will help you sound like a professional. The echo control can be used to amplify your voice, making it appear stronger with a crisp, clear sound. The key control feature will allow you to alter the key so that the entire song will be lower or higher, depending on which range you feel comfortable singing. Some people have difficultly hitting those high notes, so this feature will allow them to lower the key so that it can be sung easily.

The Electrohome EAKAR 300 karaoke machine includes a full one year warranty on parts and labor. This is much longer than the standard warranty that is included with these types of machines. The company backs up their product, which shows that the quality is superior over other models.


The following features are included with this model:

  • Built in speaker system
  • Ability to stream online karaoke from mp3/android/iphone/ipod/tablet
  • Hook up for two microphones/one microphone included
  • Voice enhancing controls including digital echo and key control
  • Ability to play CD, CD+G and MP3 format
  • Easily connects to TV with RCA input
  • Unit is a compact, sleek design
  • Lightweight 6 lb. unit
  • One year warranty on parts and labor included

The Verdict

Overall the Electrohome EAKAR 300 is well worth the amount spent for the amount you receive. You have a sleek, easy to use home system that can be enjoyed by every member of the household. Finding music to play is a breeze, with several options to use to play karaoke music. When you do find that special song to try, you can use the voice control buttons to tweak your performance to your preference. Echo control is very important to a singer, and this machine has it available. You can also change the key if a song is in a key that is out of reach for your voice. This will allow you to expand your song library by being able to change songs to fit your range.

You will enjoy the features that the Electrohome EAKAR 300 has to offer at a price that will not hurt your wallet.
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