Karaoke Machine for Kids

Different karaoke machines come with different features i.e some come with a screen, with a microphone, with disco lights etc, and you have to know which features you need before making a purchase. To make things easier, we have compiled a list of different karaoke machine types and features to help you make the right choice for you.

General Features


Different machines will connect to different audio devices, and you want to pick one that’s compatible with your needs.

  • Simple machines may just come with a stereo, whereas more sophisticated karaoke system can be connected to your MP3 player or iPod.
  • Machines may also be compatible with RCA, HDMI (HD video and audio), TOSlINK and USB ports.
  • In this digital age, having a karaoke machine that connects to your iPod/phone/MP3 player/USB may be necessary if you want access to your favorite songs, and you want a large selection. CD’s are less commonly used now, and may become obsolete in the future.

Voice controls

Most karaoke machines will come with some voice controls, but some will have more extensive options.

  • Try and make sure that your karaoke machine has pitch control and voice echo. These are common settings that go along way in making your karaoke session sound more professional.

Specific features

71QXTKewwPL._SL1400_Some karaoke machines come with a monitor, which can be used to display song lyrics and, in some cases, can also be used as a mini DVD player.

  • These machines can be used there and then, with no need to connect them to your TV. This means they are easily portable and can be used anywhere with electricity.
  • They can be ideal presents for small children, because not only are they getting a karaoke machine but they are likely to be getting a DVD player too.


  • The screens are likely to be small, mostly no more than 14 or 15 inches, so they are not ideal for parties or situations where a lot of people are trying to see the screen
  • The built in screen is likely to have a weaker display and worse graphics than your TV
  • These machines tend to be more expensive, as you are paying for more features.

Two microphones
MicroKY Duostar X14 Karaoke MachineTwo microphones are ideal as they allow for duets. Many karaoke machines will come with two microphones so you won’t have to purchase your own, but that isn’t always the case.
Some machines may come with one or even no included microphones, which means you will have to pay extra for your own.


  • If you buy a machine that already comes with two microphones, you won’t have to buy your own.
  • Many karaoke systems that include two microphones will also let you control the volume for each microphone, which means you can balance out the sound if one singer is louder or quieter than the other.
  • If you do choose a machine that doesn’t come with two microphones, make sure it’s cheaper than other machines that do include additional microphones


  • Some customers find that the microphones that come with karaoke machines are low quality, and they end up buying their own anyway.

Disco Lights

Singing Machine SML 385 ReviewSome karaoke players come with inbuilt disco lights.


  • Disco lights are colourful, fun and great for parties
  • They are often adjustable, so you can control the brightness at will
  • They prove very popular with children


  • Some machines use disco lights as an excuse to skimp on the quality of other features.

Recording options

Some karaoke machines let you record your singing session and then play it back, which you can then download onto your computer, share on social media and even burn onto a CD.


  • You will be able to record and listen to your singing
  • You can share the recording, which is great for wannabe professionals and is cheaper than hiring out a studio


  • Recording features on cheaper karaoke machines tend to be quite poor qualityIn addition to the above, some other features you may be interested in include built-in video cameras, DVD/ Blu-Ray player, and built in radio players. There are lots of options to choose from, but hopefully with our guide you are now aware of the features available to you and which features best suit your needs.

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