Singing Machine ISM1028Xa Review & Rating


The Singing Machine ISM1028Xa has several pluses. The main benefit is the fact that you can plug in external sources such as an Ipod or Iphone to play music from the internet or your own personal library on your machine. You are able to hook up other sources with the use of an adapter. It is designed to work with all karaoke applications available.

There are controls supplied on the machine that are used to adjust your balance and echo, making for a fool-proof performance every time.

The machine can be hooked up to your large screen television, if desired. This will allow for a larger audience to be able to watch the performance. It is a machine that you can move around the home, as desired. If you want to sing in the privacy of your bedroom, it is obtainable with this machine as it comes with its own monitor, so no television needs to be in the vicinity to be able to use the machine. This makes it a perfect machine for outdoor or poolside entertaining with the use of an outlet or extension cord.

Comes with two microphones so that duets can be sung. These are decent microphones that are easy to hold and a comfortable fit in the palm. The voice sound output gives a clear sound, which you can adjust with controls, if desired.


The Singing Machine ISM1028Xa will not allow you to use the karaoke functions if you are using the radio. The radio is added as a benefit to use at home, separately. This is not really a disadvantage, but should be mentioned anyway. The machine is rather large, so it is not able to be moved easily. However, it is a home use machine. If you are looking for smaller, you would need a portable machine. The dock included will not support anything higher than the 4th generation Ipod or Iphone. You will need an adapter to use newer models.

The Singing Machine ISM1028Xa Karaoke Machine Review

The Singing Machine ISM1028Xa karaoke machine is a home use machine. It is a large, upright, pedestal style machine that comes with two 10 watt each speakers that hook right into the unit. The unit is about three feet tall, with a monitor on the front so you can read your karaoke words right in front of you. The LCD monitor is 7″ diagonally, which is a perfect size for a pedestal unit. This feature allows the movement of the machine for when you want to use it in a different setting.

This machine has a front loading CD player which allows the playback of both CDs for music listening and CD+G for karaoke playing. The machine will play store-bought CDs or you can use the Ipod docking feature to hook up your own music sources.

The Singing Machine ISM1028Xa allows the hookup of an Ipod or Iphone to play music that you may have in your own personal library or from online sources. The karaoke machine can also be hooked up to your own television using RCA cable hookup. This will allow you to have a full audience viewing of the words while you perform your songs.

Sound quality is superb, and can be altered according to your personal preferences. You have the option of using the echo feature, which is used to enhance the sound of your voice during your song. There is also a balance control feature where you can put the sound on one side or the other at a higher sound, if desired. This helps if there are people sitting next to one of the speakers. You can adjust the sound level if you needed it louder or softer depending on their preference.

There is an FM radio included as one of the features of this machine which is useful if you would like to play the radio in your home. You can use it with the included speakers and can move it around the house to whatever location you desire.

The Singing Machine ISM1028Xa comes equipped with two microphones. This is a spectacular feature for those that enjoy singing duets with friends or loved ones. You can simply hook up both microphones and sing songs together for hours


The following features are included with this model:

  • Built in 10 watt speaker system
  • Ability to stream online karaoke from Ipod/Iphone
  • Two microphones included for duet usage
  • Voice enhancing controls including digital echo and balance control to help perfect your performance
  • Ability to play CD, CD+G format in a front-loading player
  • Easily connects to any composite enabled TV with RCA input
  • Pedestal style machine with 7″ LCD monitor included to be able to sing in any room of the home
  • FM Radio feature included as an extra benefit


The Verdict

In summary, the Singing Machine ISM1028Xa is a nice setup for a home system. It has all the features you need to be able to sing comfortably. You do not need an external source unless desired. The extra features make this machine even more valuable. Being able to sing from a variety of sources is always a plus. It allows for the expansion of song choice to an unlimited level.

It is a machine that is easy to assemble, easy to hook up to external sources, and easy to use. It gives a high-quality sound for a fun performance for all who are involved. It is a perfect machine to use at parties, school or church functions, or just for personal enhancement when practicing songs in your leisure.

It is a decent product for the amount you pay, as it is a nice looking machine that can displayed among your other electronics.

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