Singing Machine SML-383P In-Depth Review


The Singing Machine SML-383P is a portable karaoke machine that is intended to be for children to use. I has a rotating disco light feature that is sure to get your child in the singing mood as soon as it is noticed. The machine is durable and easy for small hands to use. It can easily be hooked up to your television set for easy viewing in any room in the home. There are several microphone controls, allowing the sound to be perfected. The CD+G player is a front-loading style, making it easy for children to operate. There are inputs for two separate microphones, allowing duets to be sung, sharing in the good time.


The Singing Machine SML-383P comes with a few downsides. There is only one microphone provided so if your child wants to do duets with a friend, you would need to purchase an additional microphone. It is pink in color, so it is more enticing to girls. The microphone cannot be taken apart if there is a problem, so you would need to call customer service if you have difficulties.

The Singing Machine SML-383P Karaoke Machine Review

The Singing Machine SML-383P karaoke machine is a portable machine that can be moved around and hooked up to any television with aux input for video and audio. It is compact and light, so it can be moved by a child. You can bring this to a sleepover party for a fun night with friends, or bring it to share performances with family, when visiting. The hook up is done by easily attaching the karaoke machine to your television or high definition television.

Visually, the Singing Machine SML-383P is a pleasing design that comes in pink, so it will most likely be favored by the girls over the boys. It has a multi-colored rotating disco light on the machine, which can get everyone into a party atmosphere when the music is playing.

Sound-wise the Singing Machine SML-383P machine is hooked into your television and will give off sound through the machine, but it can also give sound through your television. It is a crisp, clear sound that will please even the most critical of the young singers.

There are two input jacks for microphones and one is included with the unit. The sound can be altered using the echo control to give a better overall performance. The balance can be controlled, as well as the volume of the microphones in case a singer is too loud or soft for the music being played. You is also a volume for the music itself.

The machine is a vertical loading CD+G player, which means it will only allow this format of media to be played. You will need to purchase these CD+G discs in music or electronic stores or online. There may be some in big box home goods stores, as well.

The Singing Machine SML-383P karaoke machine is simplistic, without bells and whistles (besides the disco ball, that is). This allows children to get to the task at hand; singing their favorite songs. The other features will come later on if they stick with singing and karaoke. You will then be able to buy a more professional machine. For now, this machine will work wonderfully at a lower age level.


The following features are included with this model:

  • Vertical loading CD+G karaoke player
  • Two microphone Inputs
  • One microphone included with machine
  • Voice enhancing controls including volume control, echo control, balance control and vocal control
  • Multi-colored rotating disco light feature
  • Video output for TV/HDTV
  • Audio aux output
  • A sleek, fun-colored pink machine
  • Easy to use controls

The Verdict

Overall, the Singing Machine SML-383P karaoke machine is perfect for children. It gives them the ability to sing songs at the same level as an adult karaoke machine would do, without feeling like a child’s machine at all. The sound quality is superb and the visuals are exciting for a child to be able to see what they are singing. It can help younger singers read more efficiently, as well.
The fact that there are so many controls for the microphone sound and the overall sound is a huge plus. Picky singers can tweak the sound til they are satisfied. Since the Singing Machine SML-383P karaoke machine handles the input of two microphones, the young singers can battle it out with karaoke contests or they can have good old fashion duet fun.

The machine is easy to hook up, easy to move to new locations, and light yet durable. The CD+Gs can be loaded in the front loader easily by a child’s hands, making them self-sufficient when using this machine. If you are searching for a portable machine that is kid-friendly, look no further.
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