VocoPro DVX-668K In-Depth Review


The VocoPro DVX-668K comes equipped with two microphones for ease of use to do duets in style. Each microphone has its own volume control, which is a huge plus. The VocoPro DVX-668K allows the singer to use a 16 step digital key control to be able to vary the sound of the sound according to what range is desired. It also has a digital echo function for enhanced and improved sound of the vocalist.

This machine will play a variety of different mediums. You can use it with the standard CD+G karaoke discs. It doubles as a CD player and DVD player, making it a whole entertainment system rather than just a karaoke machine. It has the advantage of playing MP3 and DivX off of pre-burned discs. You can play back JPEG pictures on disc, as well. There is also the feature of having a USB port to hook up media that way. You can use a flash drive or hard drive with karaoke material on it for playback, also.


The disadvantages of this karaoke machine is that you need to burn your music to a disc beforehand if you want to be able to play karaoke music other than store bought CD+Gs, or you would need to use the USB function. It will not allow for the playback of music from a computer or a laptop directly, as it does not have input slots on the unit. This can be bypassed if you purchase an adapter that will connect the laptop to the USB slot.

Another disadvantage is that the numbers on the remote control are a little bit small. There is no recording function or background picture function, but it is a hardy machine that has several other benefits in exchange.

The VocoPro DVX-668K Karaoke Machine Review

The VocoPro DVX-668K is a home use karaoke machine that doubles as a DVD/CD player. It can be set in your entertainment center along with your television, and no one would even suspect that it was a karaoke machine! Imagine the surprise when you turn it on and start singing. It is a streamlined, sleek looking machine that is a mere six pounds in weight, making it very easy to move around from room to room if you decide to move it for any reason.

This machine allows for the playback of several different media sources. For karaoke, its main use is with purchased or burned CD+G karaoke discs. You can also play CDs and DVDs for alternate entertainment when not using it as a karaoke machine. It will play discs that are burned in DivX or MP3 format. You are also able to hook up music on a flash drive or hard drive through the USB slot.

The sound that this machine outputs is second to none. It has a 5.1 channel surround sound, and will pump it out through your own speaker system.

Hookup is very easy to do. The machine will hookup to your television through the use of high definition component video output. The sound is output through coaxial or optical digital audio output. It is a simple wiring that can be done in a matter of seconds. The video and audio output is of high quality, making your performance feel professional.

The VocoPro DVX-668K karaoke machine comes equipped with two microphones so that you can perform duets on the spot. The microphones each come with its own separate audio sound control, making it easy to make yourself higher or lower in sound with the flip of a switch. There is also a digital key control feature to alter the key that the music is played. You can make a song lower in key if you have trouble hitting those high notes. This will allow you to expand the song choices within your range. The machine also boasts the use of the echo control for your voice, making your sound amplify into a strong, steady voice.

The machine comes with a remote control to make things easier by switching through songs and changing controls with ease. One person can help control the karaoke while you are performing.


The following features are included with this model:

  • Supports USB playback
  • Multi-format player including the ability to play DVD, CD, CD+G, MP3, and DivX
  • Two microphones included, each with individual volume control
  • Voice enhancing controls including digital echo and key control
  • Digital echo control
  • 5.1 channel surround sound
  • Unit is a compact, sleek design
  • Lightweight 5.8 lb. unit
  • LED Display
  • PAL/NTSC compatible for use worldwide
  • Coaxial or optical digital audio output
  • High definition video uses component video output to hook up to your television or monitor

The Verdict

Overall, the VocoPro DVX-668K is a machine that can be used by the whole family easily. It sets up in your television area quickly and efficiently and outputs a sound like no other. The video is crisp and clear for easy readability of the karaoke words while you sing.

Having two microphones is a benefit for the duet use. The extra control features for voice control are a great addition, making the way you sound more professional.

Being able to use the machine with different formats is also beneficial. You can burn music from almost any media source to be played back in this machine. You can even watch JPEG picture slideshows on the machine. It is truly versatile.

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