Karaoke Amplifier and Mixer Reviews and Buying Guide

All-in-one karaoke players are all very well for beginners, but if you want to step up your game and get a more professional sound you may be looking to invest in a more professional karaoke system. The difference is that rather than having one device with all the components attached, a professional system has separate parts to make up the system. Some of these parts include microphones, speakers, a karaoke amplifier-mixer and a player. We are going to focus on mixers and amplifiers today.

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Karaoke Mixers

karaoke amplifier

The primary use of a mixer is to collect every sound from your device/microphone and mix them into a single output. The sounds are adjusted by the options on the mixing board and it is then mixed together so it sounds just right.

You can use a mixer during karaoke to adjust the tone and add effects to make your voice sound as good as it possibly can, which is why they are frequently used in professional recording studios when singers are recording songs for their latest album or single. A karaoke mixer will let you control the echo and delay effects to suit the room you’re in and enhance your singing voice. The karaoke mixer is also where you will find microphone and volume controls.

Karaoke mixers can be really helpful because you can adjust the bass and treble on most of them, and therefore you can adjust them to suit the room you’re playing in. Sometimes the pitch of a room will make the bass too loud or skew the treble sound, so you’ll want to balance it out before your guests arrive.

Mixers come in different shapes, and the most common options are as follows.

  • A compact, front mixer where the controls are located on the front panel of the mixer.
  • You can also get a flat top mixer which can be controlled from the top,
  • There are also mixers known as boxed mixer, which is where all the controls are protected by being inside a durable, large case. Boxed mixers are particularly popular with live gigs, and you’ve probably already seen a few in your life.

Powered and unpowered

As mixers are used to deliver great quality sound, they are used in professional studios and referred to as ‘mixing boards’. A mixer which doesn’t have a built-in amplifier is known as an unpowered mixer, and a mixer which does have a built-in amplifier is known as a powered mixer.

Powered mixers are popular because they are an all in one package that are durable and great for life performances, but they also have short comings because they tend to have less mixing options and they are quite bulky.

Unpowered mixers are smaller and lighter, they have more mixing options and more expensive models tend to be of a higher quality, but they aren’t great for transporting and of course you need to buy a separate amplifier as well. Strictly speaking, powered mixers are better for live performances, whereas unpowered mixers are better for studio recordings. Whereas you can use them both in your home, you’re likely to get a powered mixer when buying for karaoke.

Karaoke Amplifier

karaoke amplifier

Amplifiers basically amplify sound to make it louder so in this case, the amplifier powers up your speakers to increase your sound. A lot of karaoke machines have quite basic speakers that might not be loud enough to entertain a full house at a party or event, and so if you like performing karaoke to a large crowd, or you just want the world to hear your voice, it is worth investing in a karaoke amplifier.

Before getting into our mixer & amplifier reviews, let’s take a look at some of the things you should keep in mind when buying a mixer and amplifier.


  • It’s worth checking to see if the mixer/amplifier you are buying includes a free microphone or two because otherwise you’ll have to buy your own. Whilst some people complain that microphones that come with karaoke machines tend to be low quality, you can tell whether that’s the case with the machine you’ve selected from taking a quick look at the customer reviews on Amazon.

Treble & bass controls

  • As we saw earlier, being able to adjust the bass and treble sound on your mixer can make a ton of difference to the sound in a room. If your mixer comes with treble and bass controls, you can adjust them beforehand so your guests only hear the very best vocals. Some cheaper models may not come with treble and bass controls, so you should check before you buy.


  • If you are planning on transporting your karaoke mixer/amplifier to venues and/or friends houses, you’ll want to know that you’ll be able to easily carry it. Most products show their weight under specifications, so it’s worth checking before buying if you’re planning on moving the mixer/amplifier around.


  • When you’re buying a piece of electrical equipment like a mixer-amplifier, the last thing you want is for it to break within a few months. A warranty protects you from any damages or manufacturing errors that aren’t your fault, and if the product malfunctions within the stated warranty period you can get it replaced.
  • Warranties are also a good way of ascertaining a products quality. If a manufacturer knows they have created a flimsy, easily broken machine they are unlikely to give it a warranty because they’d keep losing money.


  • As you’ll want to sing songs during your karaoke system, you’ll need a way of accessing the music. You’ll normally want a mixer/amplifier that can be hooked up to your TV or computer, or alternatively a blue tooth machine that can stream songs from your electronic devices without having to connect them via plugs.

1. PYLE PT265BT Bluetooth 200W Digital Receiver Karaoke Amplifier for Mixing with Two Microphone Inputs & Four Speaker Outputs

karaoke amplifier

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  • The Pyle PT265BT is a bluetooth and wireless, and it can be used with pretty much any device that has bluetooth enabled.
  • You can hook this amplifier up to your CD player and play traditional karaoke CDs (or anything you want).
  • This system lets you play any song from your device, so you can karaoke to your hearts content and you’re not limited by any pre-set play lists or the manufacturers personal music tastes.
  • The amplifier can play songs from 50 Fm and AM radio stations, so you can sing along to your favourite radio stations.
  • It comes with a luminous, easy to use LCD display, two microphone inputs with separate volume settings so you can adjust the volume on each microphone for a balanced duet.
  • This system also lets you control the treble, base and echo via easy to use controls, so you can have a professional experience and play around with different settings to your hearts content.
  • The Pyle is great for karaoke because it lets you mix two microphones at the same time and it can access any music from your bluetooth device.
  • This device does not come with a remote control.
  • Some users have had trouble connecting to the radio stations.
  • This amplifier has a bit of a retro, CD player look about it. This might not be a problem for everyone, but if you’re after something that looks modern and high tech this might not be the amplifier/mixer for you.


The Pyle PT265BT is a bluetooth amplifier and mixer. This means that you can wirelessly stream music across multiple devices by simply using your bluetooth setting, so you can stream music from your phone, tablet, iPod, computer, TV etc and then play it on your karaoke machine. The possibilities are basically endless, and you can sing any song you could possibly think of with this feature.

This amplifier/mixer device comes with two microphone inputs, and each microphone has it’s own volume control. This is important because if one singer is louder than the other and the quieter singer can’t turn up the volume on their microphone, then they’ll be drowned out and it won’t be as fun for them.

Two volume controls means that everyone participating can have a great time, and these microphone inputs also come with treble, bass and echo controls so you get a professional mixing experience and you can feel like you’re in a real live recording studio!

The amplifier in this device will help boost the sound of your karaoke system (remember to be aware of your neighbours) whilst the mixer will ensure everyone sounds their very best. This device is a little on the pricey side, but it does offer a professional experience so if you take karaoke seriously it may be worth investing.

This product has a digital LCD display which makes everything easy to see and easy to control. The device itself weighs 12.2 pounds, so whilst it’s not exactly light it is manageable and most adults will be able to carry it.


Whilst it is a little pricey, this blue tooth amplifier gives the user almost indefinite choice when it comes to songs, you can play up to 50 radio stations on this device (although some people have experienced connection difficulties) and it has an easy to use LCD display. If you have a bit more to spend, this might be the karaoke player for you.

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2. Hisonic MA222 Karaoke Mixer & Dual 2 X 35 watts (PMP) Amplifier

karaoke amplifier

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  • The unique player mode feature which lets you use the amplifier to power any of your home speakers.
  • The Hisonic mixer/amplifier can be hooked up to your TV so you can use the screen to read lyrics or display a video.
  • This device comes with two completely free microphones, so you won’t have to worry about paying extra.
  • The mixer has a range of fun options including bass, treble and tone controls which are great to play around with and can give you a more professional experience.
  • This mixer/amplifier is pretty light weight and can easily be transported.
  • This machine comes with a one year warranty, so you’ll be protected against faulty models and accidental damages.
  • This amplifier has an impressive range of features but is still pretty affordable.
  • Some people have experienced problems with the free microphones.
  • Some users have had problems with annoying background noise when using this mixer/amplifier, and others have complained about the sound quality.


The Hisonic mixer/amplifier isn’t just for karaoke. It has a unique ‘player mode’ feature that lets you turn the device into a 60 watts amplifier for all of your speakers whilst player mode is activated, and when it is switched off the Hisonic becomes a regular vocal mixer. This device can also be connected to your DVD player, so you can use your own TV as a screen.

This karaoke mixer and amplifier comes with two free microphones, three ¼ ich microphone jacks, and volume controls on this mixer will let you control the tone, bass, treble and echo control. This can give you a more professional sound and will ensure your singing sounds as good as it possibly can.

The Hisonic mixer/amplifier is pretty light (it weighs around 8 pounds) and so it can be transported to parties or friends houses pretty easily.

This device comes with an impressive one year warranty, so if for any reason you are sent a dud or faulty machine you can easily get it replaced, and the warranty will also protect you from any accidental damages within your first year of ownership.


Whilst some people have experienced problems with this mixer/amplifier, it is covered by a one year warranty so it can be swapped if you receive a dud version. The Hisonic is pretty affordable considering its impressive list of features, so if you’re on a bit of a budget but still looking for a diverse and exciting mixer/amplifier for your karaoke sessions, then the Hisonic may be right for you.

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3. Hisonic Dual Channel MA-3800K Karaoke Amplifier for Mixing, 760W

karaoke amplifier

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  • This Hisonic machine has a pretty impressive 760 watt amplifier which is great for entertaining large crows at karaoke parties.
  • The mixer has a great range of voice controls, all of which help heighten your karaoke experience. You can control the mid-range as well as bass and treble controls, you have a master music control and so many more options that will give your voice a professional touch.
  • This machine is great for professional and semi professional DJ’s, karaoke singers or wannabe pop stars.
  • This amplifier/mixer has three separate microphone inputs each with their own volume control, so three people can sing karaoke at any one time (most machines just let two people perform at the same time).
  • With a one year limited warranty and a 30-year satisfaction guarantee, you can buy without having to worry that the machine will break on you.
  • The Hisonic Mixer/amplifier is quite expensive, and won’t work for people on a budget.
  • The control interface is a little old fashioned and some users may find it confusing.
  • Some people have experienced problems with the sound on this device.
  • This is quite a hefty machine that weighs 25 pounds, so it is quite bulky and might be harder to transport.


This rather hefty, high-end mixing amplifier has a 760 watt amplifier, which is great for cranking up the sound on your karaoke session. It has a range of impressive voice controls including individual balance control, individual bass/mid-range and treble controls, master music volume control and Echo depth control. It also has a 16 bit digital key control and individual microphone controls.

The Hisonic dual channel amplifier has three separate microphone inputs (each with their own volume controls) and comes with a free remote control. Not only does the Hisonic Dual Channel Mixer/Amplifier have a one year limited warranty, but it also has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you find you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, you can get your money back.


This is quite an expensive machine that would be great for semi-professionals or people who want lots of sound options, but if you’re looking for a budget buy this amplifier/mixer probably isn’t for you.

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4. Karaoke Mixer Fifine Digital Audio Sound Echo Mixer with Cable for TV PC smart phone and Amplifier (Black)

karaoke amplifier

  • The Fifine is amazingly lightweight and only weighs one pound, so it is easily transported and stored when not being used.
  • This is a cheap mixer/amplifier that is great for those of you who are on a budget.
  • This machine can be connected to your TV or PC so you can sing along with your favourite songs and display lyrics on your screen.
  • The Fifine has all the basic control options such as tone, echo and volume, and despite it’s low price it can either be used for karaoke or for singers/musicians to record their own songs.
  • Some people have experienced sound problems when using the mixer.
  • As this is quite a cheap product, it doesn’t have as many options as a more high end device and some more dedicated karaoke singers may find it a bit basic.


The Karaoke Mixer Fifine is a great budget buy that still gives you the essential features. It offers two microphone channels with echo indicators and level controls that will help you reach your perfect sound. This machine can be easily plugged into your PC or TV so you can sing along to Youtube, MTV or pretty much any song you want.

The Fifine lets you control the mixers microphone volume, the tone, bass and treble volume on your microphone, and the echo effect. All of these functions will help you achieve a better sound and are a lot of fun to play with. As well as being a great addition to your karaoke session, if you are a budding singer/musician you can use the mixer to record your own songs, which is definitely cheaper than hiring a studio!


This is a great budget mixer/amplifier that offers a very reasonable amount of options if you consider its low price. Whilst more experienced karaoke enthusiasts may find the design basic, and whilst it doesn’t offer as many features as some other options, it is still a great, low-cost purchase that is perfect for karaoke newbies and budget buyers.

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5. EMB Pro 700-watt Digital Karaoke Mixer Stereo Amplifier EBK37

karaoke amplifier

  • Some customers have commented on the superior sound quality from the amp.
  • You can control the bass and so you can adjust your sound to fit the room you are doing karaoke in.
  • You can control the volume for both microphones
  • Some people believe that this amplifier doesn’t have 700 watts as advertised because they believe the sound is too low.
  • The EMB Pro is a bit pricey and may not have enough features to make up for it.


The EMB Pro is a slightly pricey mixer/amplifier which has several exciting features. The amplifier has a 700 watt capacity, so you can play karaoke to reasonably large crows such as at parties. It also has two microphone inputs, which is great because it means you can sing duets with your friends.

The mixer side of things lets you select the echo and control the bass, which can do a lot to improve your sound and give your karaoke a more professional twist. This mixer/amplifier weighs 16 pounds, which is reasonable but could prove a little tricky to transport between houses or to party venues.


This mixer/amplifier has mixed reviews. Some people say it was amazing, and others say it is far quieter than advertised and should be avoided. People are going to have different experiences, so you shouldn’t let the bad comments put you off when there are so many positive ones to balance them. This is a slightly pricey mixer/amplifier and is not ideal for those on a budget, but it could be a good fit for semi-professional karaoke singers who want more control over their sound.

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With this 2016 karaoke amplifier & mixer guide you are surely to get yourself equipped for the best karaoke nights and parties!