9 Things Needed For A Home Karaoke Party

Do you want to throw a Karaoke party? Do you know the essentials required to make it a hit? Well, you can make it a melodious paradise, a place to make memories and make friends with just a few pieces of equipment. Here is what you will need.

1. Two microphones 

Mics are the most important thing in a karaoke party, and you can’t just have one. Unless you want to make your friends feel like they are in an audition rather than a party. Two mics will be great.

microphones for your karaoke partyYou’ll most likely need to pass the mics around, so, consider getting wireless ones. You wouldn’t want to dance and sing while pulling cables around.

2. Software for songs 

No karaoke without the songs to chant along. Thus, you’ll need a sizable index of karaoke songs. There’re lots of those, and most of them are free. You can even record them on CDs and DVDs or get a karaoke machine. Another way is to go with PC software or a karaoke phone app using song tracks that are particularly intended for karaoke. You can also download songs from YouTube or karasongs.com and let the music flow in your house.

3. Party Lighting

An ambiance makes a lovely party. They don’t need very bright lights. Leave that to washrooms, corridors, and kitchen. Otherwise, cover the setting with flickering party lights to create the vibe.

Go for disco and event lights which, in most cases, are just very cheap. Especially if you get those with low power and low heat output, your ambiance is settled. Simple equipment like these is what makes a karaoke party worth remembering.

4. Sound System 

Usually, a sound system is a must-have otherwise that’s not a karaoke party. Luckily, you can use the normal speakers as long as they are meant for performance and have cables that you can connect to the laptop and mics.

sound system for your karaoke party

5. Karaoke Sound Mixer 

A sound mixer is an important addition to your karaoke equipment. They offer an AV input and output so both video and music can go to the right gear. They work with all kinds of PCs, mobile phones, tablets and even karaoke machines.

6. Top notch Snacks and Refreshments 

snacks for your karaoke partyIf you are a good host, you’ll know that you need an abundance of snacks and refreshments for your host. Choose an open place and display the tidbits and treats for your guests to enjoy. You should mostly go for finger foods, so you don’t have to worry about running out of utensils. Maybe add a few paper plates and napkins and let visitors help themselves. And, if you want something more filling, you can order enough pizza for your friends.

However, don’t forget the drinks. Some people will need some courage boosters to participate in the singing. You can even let them carry their favorites if they want to.

7. Camera for Photographs and Recording 

Can a party happen without videos and photographs? I bet not. So, you’ll have to organize for a high-quality camera to record your friends and take their photos. It is a fun method to relive what went down as well share special moments especially for those who didn’t make it to the party. An easy option is to make use of your cell phones, GoPro, webcams, and so on.

Remember to set up your recording device on a tripod especially if it is a night karaoke party. Indoor shooting in low light tends to deliver obscured/grainy shots so that the tripod can allow better photographs. Else, you can expect the greater part of your visitors to have their particular cell phones to catch the good times.

8. Games, Prizes, and Souvenirs

As much as it is a party, you will need to find something that keeps your guests interested. Zest them up with a collection of games, souvenirs, and prizes. Give them those magical packages, or customized neon signed pictures among others.

9. Equipment and Costume Props

Consider adding props like caps, glasses, wigs, and scarves to the collection of your equipment. Such things add lots of fun to the already rolling karaoke. Also, get some random musical instruments like maracas, toy instruments, tambourines, harmonicas, and others to enhance the party.