Top 40 Karaoke Songs – 2010s

top karaoke songs from the 2010sKaraoke has always been a favorite past time of many people from all walks of life. Sure it brings family closer and friends to have great times together. It’s not about having that superb voice that matters but how much fun a group would have as they discover each other talent trying to check those Top Karaoke Songs.

Well, nearly everyone has dreamed of being up on stage belting out their favorite tune. A great selection of songs can aid in the enjoyment of a karaoke party. A few collections of songs that always seem to be a hit at karaoke parties are 10s songs. Below are the top 40 songs for singing at karaoke parties. Ensure that your karaoke machine has these songs to maximize entertainment.


We all love listening to legendary rock songs. They give us shivers down our spine, and they make us want to listen to more. We all have our favorite song and band. However, there are many good rock songs of 21 century and making this list was very difficult. Well, this list has among the top karaoke songs you should try in your party.

katy perry karaoke songs1. Radioactive by imagine dragons 2012
2. Last Friday night by Katy Perry 2010
3. Just the way you are by Bruno Mars 2010
4. lonely boy by the black keys 2011
5. love interruption by jack white 2012
6. The one that got away by the civil wars 2013
7. Face everything and rise by papa roach 2015
8. Stressed out by twenty one pilots 2016
9. Whatever it takes by imagine dragons 2017


For the dance lovers, you need to be comfortable with the song you want to dance to. Remember, your dance songs say a lot about your personality, the words of the song speak more about you as you dance. You should carefully choose the songs on your playlist. Here is a list you might try.

10. Lies by Jane Xo 2016
11. Starving by Hailee Steinfeld 2016
12. Video Phone by Beyoncé Feat. Pitbull 2010
13. You and I by lady gaga 2011
14. Give Me All Your Luvin’ by Madonna 2012
15. Come and get it by Selena Gomez 2013
16. You’re mine by Mariah Carey 2014
17. Cool for the summer by Demi Lovato 2015
18. Can’t stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake 2016
19. No promises by cheat codes 2017


miley cyrus karaoke songsIf you want to blast heavy metal, then, by all means, blast away. But for the sake of the most, this list will be on pop songs, particularly on the hottest ones on the pop charts. In no particular order, I’ve listed some of the crowd favorites that will pump up anyone’s joy ride.

20. Young and beautiful by Lana Del Ray 2013
21. La da Dee – Cody Simpson 2013
22. Heart attack by Demi Lovato 2013
23. Perfume by Britney Spears 2013
24. Wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus 2013
25. Happy by Pharrell 2013
26. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake 2013
27. Raise your glass by Pink 2010
28. Grenade by Bruno Mars 2010
29. Sexy and I know it by LMFAO 2011
30. We are never getting back together by Taylor Swift 2012
31. The lazy song by Bruno Mars 2011
32. Move like Jagger by Maroon 5 2010


If you like listening or singing to a soulful vocal style this genre is good for you. They are inspiring and keep you buoyant depending on how much you are feeling the songs you’re listening to. Sometimes, you can’t stand hearing them. Why? They invoke bad memories. Here is the list.

33. Don’t touch my it hair – Solange 2016
34. Bambi – Jidenna 2017
35. The song goes off – Trey songs 2017
36. Run the world – Beyonce 2011
37. AII of me by John Legend 2013
38. Classic man by Jidenna 2015
39. Loyal by Chris Brown 2014
40. Girl on fire by Alicia keys 2012


Having a playlist of awesome music is good. Good friends get together to enjoy refreshments and laugh the night away at hilarious performances. There is something special about karaoke party. Everybody who joins in finds themselves opening up and showing their true colors. Karaoke party is about being okay with just being you.

Well, there you have it, the best karaoke songs since 10s to date. I hope you have an amazing experience the next time you want to listen or sing with these amazing songs.