Top 10 Tips to Host the Best Karaoke Party

Thinking of hosting a great karaoke party? Well, what’s more fun than hosting your own backyard karaoke party! The music, the fun, and not to mention the enjoyment of being surrounded by friends and family for some serious fun singing sessions as they try their hands at singing some of the most popular tracks you can imagine. Hosting your own karaoke party at your backyard – it’s the feeling you just cannot beat. But how exactly do you want to go about this? Don’t worry; we have some tips that will help you get started. So grab your gear and pump up the music as we get the party going. You should totally throw your own karaoke party. Just follow our party hosting tips:

What to Get?

karaoke party

  • iPad or MP3 Player
  • Stereo with Aux input & Stereo Cable
  • Microphone
  • Amplifier
  • Random musical instruments like tambourines, maracas, harmonicas, or toy instruments

Invite everyone you can

karaoke party

Karaoke is a brilliant way to bring everybody under one roof for a fun night with heart pumping music. It’s one of the best ways to get your guests to know each other in a completely different light. Invite your friends, family members, and even your neighbors you’ve been meaning to have over. Invite as many people, as you can, to keep the party alive and as loud as possible. The more the merrier!

Get drinks and snacks before the party

karaoke party

No party is complete without the snacks and beverages. Karaoke needs a lot of energy. So order the food and the snacks, including the beverages before the party to make sure you and your guests stay energized the whole time and ready to cut some slack to a whole new level of singing for a fabulous night. Pre-order a fine selection of drinks for some immediate Dutch courage because you’d want to stay active.

Do your own part

karaoke party

Remember, it’s your karaoke kingdom and you’re the boss here. Therefore there’s no question about it; you’ve got a reputation to maintain. You’re the karaoke guy, so make sure everything is set perfectly to your liking. It seems you will be doing the first song of the night. Odds are people like different things. Keeping that in mind, you should try and mix things up a bit. In other words, do your personal best and don’t bother trying to impress the teenagers with some soulful tracks.

Create your own playlist

karaoke party

This means you can save a great deal of your precious singing time by selecting your personal favorites from your own playlist and making a note of what songs your guests would want to hear. Begin with familiar group songs to help your guests get over their nerves and make them feel more comfortable. Also, if you have guests you know love karaoke, bring them up first, and the others will follow. Make sure you also have the latest karaoke tracks to ensure a fabulous karaoke night.

Push, don’t shove

karaoke party

People (your guests), for the most part, are reluctant to sing in public. At least for the first they are. Maybe they are too shy, or it’s the stage fear, or maybe different tastes in music – everyone seems to want to do anything but sing. So don’t push too hard; you literally have to sell them the idea of singing, on the spot. Be patient and take it easy. Study them carefully; if it seems they would rather leave the party than sing right now, then by all means, don’t throw them. Well, you can always find many people who would love to blend in.

Create a hilarious theme

karaoke party

The playlist is all set and the guest list is done, so why not have a themed party to bring in some extra flare of fun and excitement where everybody can get stuck in with the all-night celebrations. Let the world know you’re throwing a karaoke party at your backyard. A themed party with a plenty of props just like themed-birthday parties, can elevate the party celebrations to a whole new level of hilarity. Create a hilarious theme for your fabulous karaoke night and have everyone dancing and singing all the way home.

Get your party started

karaoke party

Nobody would want to be the first one on stage. It seems certainly likely you’re going to do the honor and do the first song of the night. It might seem immensely tempting to go with your favorite first, it is perhaps wiser to rule this one out. You don’t have all night to entertain your guests. You can start with something that was immensely popular a decade ago. Make sure you have some backup plan if things go south. Nothing ruins the mood more than having  to stop in the middle of a great karaoke night.

Designate a host

karaoke party

Karaoke can be chaotic, especially with everyone arguing over which songs to play. Designate somebody to the job so that everybody gets a turn on the machine and can belt out their own favorite tracks – this way, everybody gets their turn and have their fair share of enjoyment. Find some fun ways to get people involved early on.

Bring in a photographer

karaoke party

To capture your memories and experiences of a wild karaoke night, you can call in a photographer to capture the night in a film – so you don’t miss out on the fun and excitement you had the whole night. People love taking pictures to remember their favorite moments and fun experiences, and a fun-filled karaoke night is no exception. And with professional-looking pictures, everyone feels like a superstar with their own paparazzi.

Have some fun

Find some fun ways to keep the party going – this way it will motivate your guests to get involved. Encourage others to get into the action. Write down some fun karaoke songs on a piece of paper, shuffle them, and put them in a bag or a hat. Then have people select their piece of paper to reveal their mystery karaoke song. Or you can think of some other fun games to get your guests relaxed and remember to have FUN!

A karaoke night can be great fun for everybody. All age ranges can join and kids especially adore seeing their parents and grandparents surprising them with their incredible performance. Hang party lights around the stage for extra razzle-dazzle and create a nightclub atmosphere in your backyard so your guests can enjoy the show to the fullest. After all, a karaoke part is meant for all-night unlimited FUN.