ET19K Magic Sing Karaoke Machine Review & Rating


There are many positive points when selected the Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Karaoke Machine. The machine is a home system that is compact and very easy to use. You are able to personalize your background and you will have the ability to record your performance. These are two benefits that many people enjoy having with a karaoke machine.

The Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Karaoke Machine comes with two microphones, each with their own controls. This is great for those that enjoy singing duets. The machine has preprogrammed songs with the ability to purchase more. You can also use your own songs when hooked up through USB.

The machine can be hooked up to a HD television or to a computer monitor. You can add your own speakers for perfect sound quality.


There are very few disadvantages to this machine. You are not able to play store-bought CDs or CD+Gs on this machine. It only allows you to play the chips that Entertech sells. You can still use your own karaoke that can be played through the USB, though.

This machine is a little costlier than other models, but that is because of all the added features that it contains. Some of the songs provided have a minor delay.

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The Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Karaoke Machine is a sleek, streamlined unit that can be easily hooked up to your HD television giving you superb visual quality, with high fidelity sound. There is also a USB port in case you would rather hook it up to an external monitor, laptop, or computer system.

The sound quality is very crisp and clear. You can enhance the sound even further using your own speaker controls when you hook up the machine to your HDTV set.

The Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Karaoke Machine has 2,100 pre-programmed karaoke machines in the unit. This is an abundance of material that will allow you to sing different songs every time you turn on the machine. If you decide you need more songs, you can purchase additional song chips with more selections.

You can use your own songs, as well. The machine has a USB port that you can use to plug in an external hard drive or flash drive containing your own karaoke media. You can also use this USB port to upload pictures or videos from your own media, which can be used to play as the background of your karaoke song choices. It is a lot of fun to watch your own video or see pictures of yourself or your friends, while you sing.

One fun feature included with the Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Karaoke Machine, is that it has the ability to record your performance. You can then download it to your flash drive for playback any time you please. This is useful in listening to yourself to find flaw in some of the areas so that you can fix it the next time you sing the song. This is a feature that professional karaoke singers will find very beneficial.

Another added feature is that instead of the regular lyric screen with a karaoke song, you can use the “music note” mode, which is a sheet music view of the song. If you can read music, this will help you tremendously! If you do not know the song, it will be even handier. You can read the music so that you will know how to sing the song.

The Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Karaoke Machine comes with two microphones so that duets can be sung whenever you desire. Each microphone has its own set of voice controls, allowing for a perfected performance.

The Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Karaoke Machine includes an AC adaptor (DC9V/1.5A), two AA batteries, a carry bag, AV cable (RCA), HDTV cable, and a karaoke handbook including the song list that is preprogrammed into the machine. It also comes with a remote control to make it easier to do song selections from across the room.


The following features are included with this model:

  • 2100 pre-programmed karaoke songs included
  • Personalized Video and Picture background available
  • Sound recording feature
  • Music note display
  • HDMI port for hook up to HDTV
  • USB port allows you to play on your PC
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight 5 lb. unit
  • Hi-fidelity quality sound

The Verdict

Overall, this karaoke machine has almost every feature available with a home system. The only thing missing is being able to play physical CDs. Everything else you could want is in this machine, therefore making it one of the better machines available.

The ease of use, along with the ability to record and make your own backgrounds, will keep you busy for hours every time you use this machine. You have a lot of added features available with this machine, which makes the time you use it entertaining and exciting. You can change your controls in many ways to enhance your performance until you get the sound you desire. It is a home system that is more like a professional model. It does all that a show karaoke singer would use for a machine. You will enjoy singing with the machine, and your performance will become better and better with every use!
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