Karaoke USA GF830 Karaoke System In-Depth Review


  • The Karaoke USA GF830 Karaoke System is easy to use and set up, so you don’t have to spend loads of time rifling through the manual.
  • It is a stand alone machine, I.e it comes with a screen, two microphones and everything you need to set up.
  • It is versatile. Not only can you play DVDs and CDs, but you can attach it to your ipod or MP3 player.
  • It has many positive reviews and recommendations from happy customers.
  • It can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. It is particularly popular in nursing homes.
  • It is among the most affordable karaoke machines


  • Whilst the GF830 karaoke machine has more positive reviews than not (49% positive on Amazon), it has also received complaints with 18% of customers giving this machine a 1* rating
  • Some people have reported that when the machine is not being used, it makes a strange humming sound.
  • The machine doesn’t have any fancy disco lights or a particularly exciting design, so whilst it does have more features than many other karaoke machines it may not be as popular with children because it’s not as colourful.
  • Some customers have experienced problems with the machine; some say the machine runs too slow, others think the design looks cheap, and a few people didn’t like the included disk songs.

The karaoke USA GF830 Karaoke System Review

The GF830 Karaoke System is a user recommended karaoke machine built for the modern age. This Amazon recommended product offers a compact all in one device that includes a 7’ TFT colour screen, a built in CDG/DVD player, and bluetooth connectivity which lets you stream music using wireless. The karaoke system also includes a cable that you can connect to your MP3/iPhone and stream all your favourite songs from.

The GF830 is a little on the pricey side  and it has some mixed reviews, so we understand you will want to know all the necessary info before buying. Read on for a full list of features, pros and cons.


  • 7-inch colour screen, so you can display lyrics without connecting to your TV. If you have a large group of friends over, or just want to use a larger screen, the Karaoke System can also be connected to your TV.
  • It is relatively small and compact, so you can easily take it to a friends house.
  • This machine will let you record your vocals with background music onto an SD card, which you can then instantly play back. You can even use the USB or SD card to transfer your recording onto your very own CD, and you can easily download your recording onto your computer and share on social media.
  • The GF830 Karaoke System comes with an MP3 cradle, which you can use to charge your device, a USB slot, which you can use to download songs from a memory stick, a SD card slot, which you can use both for downloading songs and for adding your own recordings, and a built-in-amplifier, which is great for increasing the sound. It also comes with an AC adapter, two demo discs with 300 songs, and a remote control.
  • This karaoke system comes with two microphones, so you can instantly start performing duets with friends. Each microphone  comes with its’ own microphone holder, which helps decrease the chance of one or both microphones breaking (especially if they are being used by children), and each microphone has it’s own volume control, which is great if you are singing with someone who has a louder or quieter voice.
  • The GF830 Karaoke System comes with great voice controls to give your karaoke that something extra. Some of these controls include balance control, digital key control, and tone control, all of which help give your sound a professional and polished quality.
  • The GF830 comes with an easy to use control panel, which lets you mute, repeat, skip, stop and play songs, as well as options for controlling the tone and recording.

The Verdict

Whilst the GF830 karaoke machine has mixed reviews, many people were dissatisfied because they received a faulty machine. When the machine is working, it offers a lot of extra features that make up for the slightly higher price. It’s great for kids and adults alike, it comes with everything you need and considering the large list of features and extras it’s quite affordable.
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