Singing Machine SML 385 In-Depth Review


  • This is a light weight and relatively small karaoke machine that can be easily carried to a friend’s house.
  • The disco lights are fun to play with and really add something extra for parties. They prove very popular with children, who tend to play with the lights even without the music.
  • This machine offers a range of voice controls to give you more singing options and to give the machine a professional feel, which is great for children who want to play at being pop stars. It’s also great for confidence; you can adjust your voice to make it sound better, and you can sing duets with the original singers if you’re feeling shy.
  • It can be plugged into your TV or similar device, which not only lets you display the lyrics but also gives you access to thousands of Youtube karaoke videos
  • It is competitively priced


  • The machine only comes with one microphone; you will need to purchase any extras
  • It is not possible to record songs with this machine
  • Some customers have experienced problems with the CD player, sound quality, and microphone, whilst others have found the machine flimsy and easily broken. Some customers have said the machine isn’t sturdy enough to be handled by children.
  • Some customers have been delivered faulty machines, and as returning this item can be expensive it may not be worth fixing it if it arrives broken.

The Singing Machine SML 385 Karaoke Machine Review

The Singing Machine SML 385 is a colourful, light-weight and competitively priced karaoke karaoke system with disco lights that’s especially popular with children and young teenagers.

This karaoke system with flashing disco lights are guaranteed to brighten up your child’s party; it is delivered with one microphone and has two microphone jack sockets so the children can sing duets and share the machine with their friends, and it comes with auto voice control and echo options that help improve the audio quality and makes it easier to learn songs.

The Singing Machine SML 385 has received largely positive reviews from happy parents, but some customers have experienced audio problems and/or had the machine break quickly.


  • Easily adjustable flashing disco lights. They are great for children to play with, and you can easily use the slide button on the front of the machine to control the brightness. This slide button is easy for small children to use, and you can choose to turn the lights off altogether if need be.
  • The machine comes fully assembled and ready to use, so no need to worry about putting it together
  • The machine includes two microphone jacks with separate volume controls, and one microphone to start you off.
  • Singing Machine SML 385 comes with RCA output jacks, which means you can connect the machine to your television easily.
  • The machine comes with a built in CDG/CD player, and a bonus CDG which contains sample songs. CDG (Compact Disc plus Graphics) basically means it is a regular CD that can also display simple videos. If you connect your machine to the TV, the CDG software will be display the lyrics to the songs.
  • Voice controls. You can use the echo and balance controls to improve your sound as if you were in a professional studio. You can use the Auto Voice Control option to help you learn a song; you can sing duets with the singer until you feel confident, and then gradually tune them out as you learn the lyrics.
    Note: that feature is only available during Multiplex sessions; the Multiplex option lets you separate the vocals and background music in a track.

The Verdict

In conclusion, this is a fun, light-weight and relatively cheap effect machine for singing that, if it works, is great for children and young teenagers. The disco lights are a great addition that gives this machine that something extra, and the voice controls make the machine seem more professional. It has received mixed reviews, but most of the complaints are because the machine was faulty, not because of the machine itself.
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